CSW w/show & tell

Today is an easy No Sew, folks. Actually, it’s a Consignment Shop Wonder.

Even better yet, it’s a Psi Iota Xi .50 cent wonder 😉

C’est tres cute, non? …the sweater, that is.


Simple. Basic. Chic… at least in my mind. Originally, it came from LOFT. I’m going to guess it started at $59.95 before sale prices and clearance and yada, yada, yada. I worked at a clothing shop for 2 years so I kinda know the “formula” of retail pricing. $60 is a conservative estimate.

Everything looks better when it’s .50 cents, though, amiright? 🙂 So I snatched that sucker up.

I’ve not sewn much lately because I’ve been out of town. Specifically, I was in St. Louis for training on Baby Lock sewing machines. BL has been around forever, but it’s new to us at Job #1 and a crash course was in order. I got to play with the most amazing machines, ever!

Like the 10 needle “Enterprise” embroidery machine
and the 8 thread “Ovation” Serger/Cover machine
and the “Destiny” sewing/quilting/embroidery machine!

AND, I learned some nifty new “tricks”

like “couching” with the digital dual feed foot
and using the on board camera (hello!) to line stitches up perfectly… no more measuring! (like I did that anyway…)

Wednesday night after class, I was confined to my hotel room due to a most random bout with the stomach flu 😦 I missed Thursday’s classroom festivities, needless to say. Still puny, though not throwing up anymore, I drug myself to class on Friday.

Patty and Linda allowed my sick day and still let me graduate 🙂 They even gave me a mug and a hug. (Hopefully, I didn’t give them a BUG and a hug in return…).

how many filters does it take to give me color…

Incidentally, the top I’m wearing in this picture is also a $2 Consignment Shop Wonder.

With all the cool things I learned in St. Louis, I’m super excited to start sewing again! I think I’ll whip up this little gem from the Baby Lock creative project book… hmm.

“Skill level: advanced” …oh boy.

Thanks for letting my CSW be the vehicle for me to have “show & tell” time with all my fun Baby Lock stuff


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