Muffin’s Top

No, that is not a typo. This is Muffin’s top becuase my super cute husband, muffin picked this one out for me 🙂

IMG_4334I asked him to venture to my favorite thrift shop and pick out a .10 cent garment for me. I’ve not had much inspiration lately and I thought if he picked something out for me, it might ignite the creative juices…

I started by giving it a dye bath. After my near death experience stove-top, I decided to perform this one in the washing machine 🙂

‘lil suicide action.

It definitely came out more “Scarlet” than “Apple” but that’s what you get when you dye… the color on the bottle is just a concept rather than actual representation of the color 🙂


Polish the edges with a this awesome Baby Lock Serger 🙂

You know the drill…

It was still a little big, so I paired it with a belt I absolutely adore but never wear…


Nancy Zieman, the spokeswoman for Baby Lock herself watched this one unfold.IMG_4378Maybe it’s the horrible florescent lighting. Maybe it’s my blatant disregard for real garment construction. Maybe it’s that there’s a $1 price tag on her book… she seems to be giving me “the glare.”

Nancy sees all!

You may not be able to see it very well, but I’m wearing a tank top refashion as well. This one dates way back in the archives 🙂 *Further proof I wear something til it, literally, falls off of me.

MuffincollageI dare say the plan worked. When someone else picked out the shirt for me, my creative juices did seem to flow a little bit better, I thought. Thanks for picking this one out for me, Muffin!

I just may have him pick out all my refashions 😉

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