Full circle sweater

What’s interesting about this sweater is that I bought it as a gift for my mom a few years ago.

IMG_4283She wore it until she got sick of it (isn’t that what all of us do?) and gave it back to me to refashion. So, technically, I guess I bought this for myself 😀

I started by removing the ruffle


I’m pretty bipolar when it comes to ruffles: I either love or hate them. In this instance I hate it, so off it goes.

To make this a pullover sweater, I decided to sew it shut in the front.

I pinned it on Minnie to make sure I wouldn’t take in too much.

Simple straight stitch will be fine to sew it shut.

I used the Janome 9900.

I tried it on, and it was a little too long… “Petite” the tag says. Yeah, I think not.

I cut along the line where the ribbed binding met the sweater so it would be perfectly straight.

I could’ve left the edge raw because stretchy material like this is pretty forgiving, but I decided to finish it off with my favorite “lettuce leaf” technique.

Zig zag stitch on very raw edge of stretchy material = “lettuce leaf” 🙂

I wore my mom’s, er, my “new” sweater for a girls’ night with my pal Billie. Dinner and rehearsal is always a fun time.

Oh hai. Justing hanging out on this bench.
…and in the commons area of church.

I started off the day with my sleeves rolled up. It looks a little lame with the black & white hanging longer than the sweater but, dangit, I was cold!

Billie’s up to something…
Solo moment.

There’s always time for a selfie 🙂


We found some new friends on stage.

Isn’t it kind of amazing how things seem to come full circle? I bought a gift for mom, she wore it & loved it, gave to me to wear (and love!), and soon I’ll probably donate it and the cycle will continue…



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