Vera Wang Adjustment

Remember my most awesome vintage coat I got at my favorite consignment shop? That wasn’t my only purchase that day. For $2, I also purchased this:


Since I intended for this to be a wear off the rack shirt, I didn’t take a true “before” picture. I thought it would be just fine as-is. The more I wore it though, a few things began to bother me: see how the blouse flares out at the hip like a wannabe peplum? Yeah, not a good look for a pear-shaped woman such as I.

It made me feel quite rotund, which is so perplexing considering THIS

Say WHAT?!?!

I have never been a size 4 in my life, y’all… I’m still not 🙂 This thing had to be mis-marked or severely stretched out from its previous owner because as we ALL know from “Bride Wars” Vera Wang’s garments notoriously run 2 to 3 sizes smaller.

“You don’t alter Vera, you alter yourself to fit Vera!”


Minnie helped me “fix” the shape on this

Taking quite a bit in from the waist down.

Another thing that bothered me were these built-in sash thingies on both the side seams. A wannabe sash, if you will.

I seam ripped those suckers out

IMG_4225Then, I ran it under a Janome Serger

The 8002D was already threaded with white 🙂

It seemed like a lot of fabric that I was taking off, so I put it on Minnie to double check the fit

Much better!

White blouses are a staple in any wardrobe… or so I’ve heard. I can wear this to work at Job #1 or #2. I can wear it to family gatherings. I even wore it to fix Hubs a dinner.

Cue gasp 🙂

January and February always suck in retail. My hours at Job #2 go down drastically during this time, which means I have time to cook dinner when I get home from Job #1 at 6ish. This is a most rare occurrence, indeed. Hubs does all the cooking. And he’s amazing at it! Why would I even need to cook? He’s been working really hard at painting the new house and I thought it would be nice to try something new and give him a break 🙂

There’s time to pose while my squash is baking.

Yes, yes I did chop off all my hair.

No more fake apron/sash tie thingies

And the twice baked Spaghetti squash that I made turned out quite nicely! 🙂

IMG_4276I was pretty proud of myself!

We’ll go ahead and file this one under “Consignment Shop Wonders” anyway 😉



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