Santa Bob Jacket

I’ve mentioned my Uncle Bob in past posts. He’s my Maternal Grandmother’s brother. He’s lived with my Nanny & Papaw since he was about 15, so even though he’s my great uncle he’s really more like a 3rd grandpa. When I was a kid, we’d always get together with that side of the family on Christmas Eve. Uncle Bob dressed up as Santa Clause and we’d open presents, eat a crap ton of food, and just have a great time hanging out with each other. I almost looked forward to that more than Christmas Day šŸ™‚

Today, we still celebrate our Christmas Eve like this. In my family, though, it’s affectionately referred to as “Santa Bob Day.”

Santa Bob with Cousin Nick

He decided to leave his Santa suit at home this year. Believe me though, he still has it hanging up in his closet šŸ™‚

For this year’s observance of Santa Bob Day, I thought it only befitting to pay tribute to Nanny. She is the “matriarch” of Santa Bob, after all.


Does this look familiar? I made a blouse (then a pillow, and then a stocking) out of the skirt mistakenly thinking this suit belong to my mom. It was never my mom’s outfit!!! It was Nanny’s. I felt horrible for butchering Nanny’s skirt without permission!

Thankfully, I left the blazer in tact. And, more thankfully, mom didn’t disown me for ruining her mother’s skirt!

To update this blazer without completely changing it, I simply raised the hem on the sleeves.


There’s nothing particularly special about shortening anything; however, I did something a little inventive here, I think šŸ™‚ The wrong side of the fabric is really awesome. I wanted to showcase that. Instead of folding the material under like you’re “supposed” to, I folded it the opposite way so you could see the wrong side of the material.

A “reverse” hem? šŸ™‚

Pin and sew. No big whoop.


Nanny is a little too ill to venture outside anymore, so she was unable to attend the festivities. It might sound silly, but I feel close to her when I’m wearing her clothes and/or jewelry I “borrow” from her or my mom šŸ™‚

Nanny and Papaw circa: I have no idea.

Nanny was super classy. All the old pictures I saw of her reminded me of a film noir movie star. Papaw was pretty studly too šŸ˜‰

This is the Nanny I’ll always remember, though.

She was there with us in spirit šŸ™‚


This cutie puked all down my cleavage right about this time. She’s so darn cute I didn’t even care! šŸ™‚

The great grandkids got to open one gift from Santa Bob

IMG_3982My cutie grandson got an awesome Ninja Turtle action figure.

10418499_10202352078602231_437543612905783153_nI remember being the kid… #FeelingOld

The WHOLE gang minus Nanny and my hubby.

I haven’t done an actual “refashion” in a while. It felt pretty good. It felt even better to channel Nanny’s awesomeness for Santa Bob Day 2014.


4 thoughts on “Santa Bob Jacket

  1. Aunt Marjorie is a classy lady. She is beautiful inside and out. She will be pleased with your creation of her outfit. Great job Laura!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your Nanny, and family! She would be very proud of the special woman you have become…as am I. Love U! The picture of Nanny & Papaw is on their wedding day January, 21, 1949. Now excuse me while I get a tissue…

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