Christmas Stockings

A long time ago, I decided to make me and my boys’ Christmas stockings. A couple days go I realized, “Wow…it’s almost Christmas. Better get to work on that.”

AND, since we’re doing our Christmas Sunday morning (tomorrow!) I was on high alert to get them done. Like, we’re talking complete desperation! I cranked these out in an afternoon at Job #1.

I scrounged up some Christmas looking scraps.

Napkins/hand towels we used to demo embroidery designs at work… yeah, I stole them

Did I mention I was desperate?

I free-handed a pattern out of some typing paper and I used this tutorial as my Point of Reference.

See how I’m bypassing the embroidery design?

I folded the napkin lengthwise because I need a front and back, and I needed a lining (I didn’t want it to look too cheap. This is Christmas after all. Even I can’t be lazy for Christmas!).

I found some hideous scrap fabric for the lining, and cut pieces from my pattern.

For the “cuff” of the stocking, I used the smaller napkins.

You must line the fabric pieces in the mirror image. Sew the cuff to the stocking pieces first. Then, lay the whole stocking pieces on top of each other Right sides together.

IMG_3905Sew ALL the way around the stocking, leaving a small gap open on the lining piece.

Small gap on the lining piece πŸ™‚

This next part is kinda tricky: turn it right side out.

Sew the gap from whence you turned the stocking right side out πŸ™‚

Gap. Right side out.

Now, you have to shove the lining back into the stocking which, again, is kinda tricky.

Once that was accomplished, I found some green ribbon in my stash. True story. I swear I’m not making this up! The stars all came in alignment for my last minute stockings! πŸ™‚

I cut the ribbon for a stocking strap and pinned it to the inside of the lining.

IMG_3908Sew it down, obvi πŸ˜‰

Repeat as needed per family member.


For our grandson, I did venture to Joann’s and purchased a super cute doggy printed remnant for super cheap.

My stocking is made out of green fabric I got a Psi Iota Xi for .10 cents (I did some fun applique with red felt). And, Hubs’s stocking was made with Nanny’s skirt scrap fabric.

Ready for Santa


Filled for the big day tomorrow

No joke… these were made 100% from scraps! (okay, okay except the doggies). The tutorial I found on pinterest was the easiest one for stockings that I could find. I think she gives you a pattern on her site but I made my own. My stockings are kinda janky looking so maybe next time I’ll print hers off πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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