Pillow Makeover

I almost cringe when I post anything about pillows… I have a lot of posts on pillows. I know, I know. In my defense they’re easy, they’re fun, and when it’s cold like this I have NO motivation to do anything… not even make pillowcases, actually.

I digress.

This pillow has been with me since 2005 when I bought my first house; my condo that I just moved out of in September, actually.

IMG_3653It was beautiful at one point. Then, a few of the sparklies came undone and a 5 year old grandson kept picking them off because “they were just hanging” and he thought he was doing me a favor… Gammy’s little helper! 🙂

I finished the job he started.

I wanted to cover this now naked pillow form with something “festive.” It is Christmas, after all. I had some scrap leftover from my buttonhole blouse and decided to use that.

IMG_3656Even the edges out with a rotary mat & blade. Then I measured the pillow and cut the scraps accordingly… leave a little extra room for the seam allowances, of course.

IMG_3659I don’t do zippers… so for the back of the pillow I just cut two pieces of fabric to overlap each other for the “closure” of the pillowcase. This is the easiest method for a fake seamstress like myself.

Finish what will be the exposed hems on the back of the pillowcase.

Pin, then sew 

I did this twice (for each of the two back pieces, obvi) 🙂

The “assembly” of the pillowcase was pretty easy. Right sides together, put the back pieces on top of the front panel piece.

Pin around the entire perimeter.

It should look like this when you take it to your sewing machine.

IMG_3663Sew around all four edges. The middle seams where the three panels end up overlapping will be quite thick, which is why I sewed it on the beast (aka the Janome 8900).

IMG_3664Turn the material right side out when you’re finished and put the pillow form into the case.

IMG_3665An easy, festive makeover is now complete!

IMG_3836Things are a little messy at the new homestead…

We’re preparing for Santa’s arrival 😀

I decided to move the pillow around a bit…




I know I make pillowcases all the time… but they really are easy 🙂 Plus, they’re a really fun way to change up your home decor. I can make a pillowcase from scraps for every season or holiday and have a new look for the couch without breaking my piggy bank. What’s not to love about that?

And, even though you and I know this was super easy to make… my house guests always seem to be amazed that “You MADE that?!?!

Why yes, yes I did. And it was free.


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