Embroidered Blanket

Don’t let the title deceive you… I did NOT embroider this:

IMG_3780One of our vendors at Job #1 gifted this to us for Christmas. It is a most awesomely comfortable and perfectly fine microfiber/fleece-ish blanket. It would be just wonderful in my new house.

But I’m not digging that logo… no offense to our vendor. I dug around my stash of felt and fleece. Surely I could cover it up somehow.

My stash of felt and fleece 🙂

I grabbed black first.

This black fleece looks grey next to the blanket… not gonna fly for me.

Hubs’s favorite color is purple, maybe I could use this felt instead…

Not wide enough… go figure

This is not going very well thus far, so I reverted back to my normal stash of scraps and found a combination I like very much, actually.

Ta- da 🙂

I think the plaid will compliment the purple quite nicely, so I sewed them together and trimmed most (not all) of the excess plaid material on my cutting mat.

Like so

I’ve never ironed felt before, so I wasn’t sure how horrible this might turn out. Guess what? You can iron it! Good-bye wrinkles. I pinned the material to the offensive blanket corner and sewed it down with a straight stitch on our Janome 8900.

IMG_3791Then, I sewed in the “ditch” between the plaid and purple:

I’m pointing to the previous stitch I sewed 🙂

For my next trick, I put the material right side down so I could stitch around the curvature of the blanket corner.

IMG_3794Of course, after that, I cut the excess plaid and purple felt off leaving enough of an allowance to “bind” the material around the edge of the corner. We can’t have raw edges. Not cool.

…I prolly should’ve left a little more material on the edge for this. Oops 🙂

As you can see, I just folded it over by hand and stitched it down. This material is pretty thick: there’s the blanket, the existing blanket binding, my scrap material doubled up & folded over, and this machine sews through it like it’s butter! I love this machine. Truly.


Not bad 🙂

I’m not crazy about that double stitch thing going on… I thought about putting a funky decorative or satin stitch in there to cover it up but, alas, laziness prevails.

At home in my new living room.



Blankets are meant to be used, not just for looking pretty.

…so I used it and it did not disappoint.

It’s a keeper!


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