Thanksgiving Cardigan

For 2 Thanksgiving dinners with Hubs’s family and then my family, I thought I’d wear something somewhat “dressy.” For me, I’m sorry to say, that translates to a cardigan πŸ™‚

IMG_3712Can you believe this is one of my .10 cent Psi Iota Xi finds???

Well, it is.

Have you ever shopped at Banana Republic? Right now, the going rate for a basic BR cardigan is $79.50Β …and those are the “cheap” ones.

This was the ONLY flaw in this cardigan, and it was in the .10 cent rack because of it. Wow.

I fixed the hole just a little differently than I did on my last .10 cent sweater…it seems like only yesterday πŸ˜‰


I zig-zagged over the hole, instead of straight stitching on the inside right edge. I didn’t want to compromise my seam allowance.

IMG_3716Yes, that’s red-orange thread. Yes, this cardigan is Cranberry. Yes, I’m lazy. I make no apologies for that πŸ™‚

My cardigan was ready to go. I even had a pair of trousers! Not jeans, not khaki (which I’m not a fan of anyway), trousers πŸ™‚

To my happy surprise, they were too big. I’ve lost 10lbs since summer and it’s really made a difference in my clothes.

So… I ended up wearing it with jeans anyway. At least I attempted to dress up a little.

My mom’s Christmas trees are always awesome.
…so is all her food.

My MIL also made quite the feast earlier that day. Sadly, I have no pics from that but trust me when I say it was most delish!

Slowly but surely, we’re starting to overflow the sun room.
The step-son omitted having his face shown πŸ™‚


I’m definitely thankful for each and every person in my crazy family. I hope you and yours had a wonderful day enjoying each other’s company and eating way too much food πŸ™‚

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