Work to Play Sweater

Remember my favorite new thrift store? Let me refresh your memory:

IMG_3488When I have a Friday morning off, you better believe I’m looking for deals here. Last time I scored a brown striped sweater for only .50 cents

See it?

I’m not gonna lie, in the winter (which is NOW in Indiana) I’m not motivated to much of anything, let alone sew. I was excited that this was ready off the hanger!

...or so I thought.
…or so I thought.

It’s not a super big deal. Just sew a straight stitch over the hole.

I want this stitch as close to the edge as possible.. so I used my Satin Stitch “F” foot.

While I had this thing inside out I found just a few unravalies and trimmed them off…


That’s all I had to really do. It may not have been 100% ready to wear… but it was pretty darn close.

I wore it to Job #1

Setting up our HandiQuilter

Always a fun gig…

IMG_3730I love my job 🙂


Then, I was able to let my hair down in the evening for a Christmas party with my Job #2 peeps!

Much food was consumed

Hanging out in my NEW HOUSE! Have I mentioned I love my new house? 🙂

Much fun was had

Aren’t we a cute bunch?

And doesn’t my sweater flow seamlessly from work to play? 😉


Happy Thanksgiving!

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