My nominees

Yesterday, I was nominated by Linda at Nice Dress! Thanks, I made it!! for a “One Lovely Blog” award. I’m paying forward with my 10 nominees. Some of these are pretty popular in their corner of blogosphere; others, are in their humble beginnings. They all deserve a little peek-a-boo. They are, in random order:


1.  Joy in the Simple Things– She’s cute and makes cute stuff.

2. Sewcial Warrior– another “real” seamstress

3.  Spread your wings and craft– a craft site with several contributors

4.  Love to Craft– still kind of getting started and finding her blog “voice.”

5.  Silently Stylish -I know this woman personally and she has more style in her pinky than I have in my whole being!

6.  Fabric, Thread, Clothes? -She’s already a nominee and with good reason. Her stuff is great!

7. Fnkybasseboi -this is my Beloved. He hates it when I call him that. He’s random; so are his blogs/observations of life and music.

8. Not Buying It– The title says it all! 🙂

9. West Zen Studios– Funky stuff!

10. Between the Seams– This gal is 17. 17!!! 🙂

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