St. Armands Top

Hello, all! I’m back from my anniversary trip ๐Ÿ™‚ <—Not sure why I have the smiley emoticon because we left 78 degree beaches for single digit temps and snow. Sad face. Alas, though, it’s good to be home to our new house and get into the holiday grind… I think.

One of my favorite places to go in Sarasota besides the beach, of course, is St. Armands Circle on Lido Key. When I picked up this dress for .99 cents I knew it’d be perfect for a breezy day of window shopping.


It didn’t take much to bring this standard issue 90s dress into 2014.

Turned on its side, I made a free hand chop on the curve.

Finish the raw edge with a rolled hem on a boss Janome 8200. ๐Ÿ˜‰


And, that’s all I decided to do. I could’ve taken it in but I decided to leave the side tie thingies in tact instead. They can cinch the waist, right? Next was the hard part: waiting to go on vacation.

The first day we arrived it was just a wee bit chilly at 70 degrees, ha! Hence the reason we decided to hang out on the circle. Right away we spotted two manatees feeding (or doing something else; verdict isn’t quite out on that yet..) in one of the canals.

See them??? ย They never cooperate for the camera…

Dolphins are a dime a dozen in Florida. You always see them… Manatees, on the other hand, are a little more shy. It’s always exciting to see a manatee.


Shopping in the Florida version of “Rodeo Dr” is pretty fun too… especially when they have sidewalk sales.

Oh yeah… you see all sorts of good stuff on the circle

We just-so-happened to be there during the art festival. Several vendors/local artists had their tents pitched with their one of a kind goods.

Sidenote: I wore my primas for the all day walk-a-thon ๐Ÿ˜‰ #HappyFeet

They also have some wicked eats on the circle. Hubs and I sat down at Cha Cha Coconuts for lunch and it was quite delish.

Hubs is the most delish, though *wink wink ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, yes. It may have been a little nippy for the beach but there’s always something toย enjoy at St. Armands. This was only day 1 of Vaca. We had all week to soak up the sun and believe me, that’s exactly what we did!

Yah, vacation!


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