.10 cent Turtle Neck

My Job #2 coworker Joanne told me about a new thrift shop. Well, new to me. It sounded like any other thrift store when she was describing it, save for one thing: .10 cent clearance. Yes, you read that right! All items that haven’t sold after a designated period of time have a red X through the tag and they’re .10 flippin’ cents.


Fearing I was the butt of a cruel joke, I HAD to check out this secret treasure for my own 🙂

IMG_3488How quaint! 🙂 I can’t believe I’ve lived here my whole life and I had never known about it. How embarrassing.

Not only did they, in fact, have a .10 cent clearance rack they had a plethora of other super low priced items: Nice items… without stains, and holes, and… smells.

$1.44 (including tax!) in total for 3 shirts.

I really do not want to be disrespectful to the other thrift store I shop at nearly every Sunday but seriously!!! I thought .99 cents was a good deal. Forget that! I’m shopping at Psi Iota Xi from now on. How much more money could I be saving if I only indulge in .10 cents per garment as opposed to .99?

You can do the math.

I will admit I “splurged” on the navy and brown striped sweaters (.75 and .50 cents, respectively).

The white XL turtle neck was .10 cents. It would be perfect for, how befitting, Job #2’s redonkulously boring dress code 🙂

.10 cents!!!!!

Okay, you get the idea…

IMG_3403I took this in just a little bit and cut a few inches off of the sleeves… I left the turtle neck in tact. Proof I do actually like TNs 😉

Fold the raw edge of that sleeve under twice and hem.

Easy Peasy!

IMG_3573Perfect for Job #1 AND Job #2 😉

…and perfect to go underneath a drapy vest 🙂

Yep, that’s right.

I’m so glad Joanne told me about Psi Iota Xi. Being employed by a local business, I love to support other local business too! It’s very important to me. Plus, ALL the proceeds from the sales at Psi Iota Xi go to charity.

From here on out It’s Psi Iota Xi for THIS Accidental Seamstress 🙂


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