Buttonholes to the rescue

Sometimes it’s just as fun to shop in your own closet (or your mom’s) as it is to go find something “new” to refashion.


God only knows when my mom purchased this two-piece sparkly wonder 🙂 She has a habit of hoarding clothes… I decided to make the decision to let go of this one a little easier by stealing it without permission removing it from her attic.

The holidays are coming up *cringe. I thought I’d be proactive and play-up the festiveness. I wanted to make a blousy dolman top… out of the skirt 🙂

I cut the seam off the bottom & part of the top to make room for a neck hole.

Once again… I found that I liked the inside print better than the outside plaid print. Plaid and I have a love-hate relationship; it’s a long story that dates back to my fat days when ALL I wore was plaid… *Cringe 2.

I sewed down the new sides of my shirt with an overcast stitch


I was going for an asymmetric look so I did not “even” it out. I just polished up all the raw edges and decided I was finished.

Until I tried it on.

It was nothing but a sparkly BOX of a shirt. Not cool. I could’ve put in elastic to cinch it right underneath the bust… but I didn’t trust myself to be honest.


I knew WHERE I wanted to cinch it: as shown above… I just didn’t know HOW until it hit me like a bolt of lightning!



On a digital machine, buttonholes are the easiest thing in the world. The machine does all the work for you. All I had to do was mark where I wanted them to go.


Easy peasy!

I used one of the seams I cut off earlier as a belt.


Now my shirt has some shape to it 🙂



Storm’s rollin’ in..


4 thoughts on “Buttonholes to the rescue

    1. Yep. The seasons have been jacked up in Indiana more than usual in the last few years… July & August & a lil bit of September are nice. Any other time it’s raining, cold, or both. I’m ready to move to Florida 🙂

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