Accidental consignment shop copy

Usually, what draws me to a piece is the crazy print:

Exhibit A

When it has NO stains, no snags, and looks brand spankin’ new, well, that’s just a bonus! Hubs and I are getting ready for our Anniversary trip to Florida in a few weeks… so, I thought this would work marvelously well in the warm climate. I got to work by chopping off some length


I don’t typically turn my garments inside out just to cut length off… but this random decision turned out to work in my favor because I discovered that this dress was reversible!!! I also discovered that I liked the “inside” solid green color of the dress better than the weird print, which is the reason why I bought the stupid thing to begin with.

Ain’t life a kick in the head?

So, I continued with my refashion by taking it in a little bit.


I cut off the excess, ran the raw edges under a sewing machine, and then I decided to add a sleeve 🙂

I dug out a pattern that I purchased a loooooooong time ago and used just the sleeve portion of the pattern. I’ve not been too confident in my sewing lately, so I didn’t want to chance yet another failed project.

That's the bottom scrap of the skirt.
That’s the bottom scrap of the skirt.

There was more than enough to make my sleeve. And, ‘nother bonus, I lined the pattern up with the existing finished hems, which means I didn’t have to finish them 🙂

Fold the sleeves in half length wise,

Pin, sew... you know the drill.
Pin, sew… you know the drill.

Right sides together, I sewed the sleeves into the dress.


This was interesting because I'm using the print as the inside.
This was interesting because I’m using the print as the inside.

I just followed the existing green thread of the armhole. Some trimming was in order afterwards… sleeves never ever ever seem to fit perfectly…. And, I did have to finish the bottom edge of the new shirt. Rolled hem is super easy for such a task 🙂

A new favorite is born
A new favorite is born

The color translates a little “teal” in these pictures, but it’s actually green… my favorite color! When I discovered the green underneath the print I was super excited. I don’t have any green clothing in my closet. Plus, it’s the exact same shirt that I nearly purchased from my favorite Consignment Shop here in town. I really, really wanted to stay true to my goal of not spending more than .99 cents on clothing in 2014 so I didn’t buy that shirt.

That turned out to work in my favor because instead of spending $14, I got to MAKE it for $1 🙂


My pal Billie and I had dinner at Hacienda before we headed to church for Worship Team rehearsal. I’ve always wanted a picture with the “Taxi Hacienda” 🙂


…we may have had a little fun in the corridor taking pictures beforehand.


All photos are courtesy of Billie Ondina photography



6 thoughts on “Accidental consignment shop copy

  1. i love your stuff and style. Makes me wish I could see. I have a older sewing machine that just sits in my room. Hubbs makes fun of me for having it just sit there

  2. 99 cents instead of $14 plus a bit of cutting and sewing. You are way ahead girlfriend. If you have any fabric leftover you might make a tote bag, a clutch or a floppy sun hat!

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