Dansko Prima Shoe Review

I know, I know, I know… a shoe review? Really? What does that have to do with anything? Well, um, it actually has to do with everything, my dear friend ūüôā


Shoes have everything to do with fashion and, for a whole year now, I’ve been dressing my horrible retail feet in the most boring, bland, orthopedic, granny (no offense to grannies!) shoes. Not cool. Dansko shoes have been around forever, so I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t discover them until last week… I found a blog on pinterest, of course. Where else does anybody find all things “awesome”? It’s a blog devoted to helping people find cute shoes for all their foot ailments. Mine, as you know because I complain about them all the time, is Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs. “Prima” was the best rated shoe I saw and it was the cutest (bonus!), in my opinion. So, I bought them.¬†And, this¬†is my honest and un-sponsored review:

What I LOVE about Prima:

1.) They’re cute. I mean, like, seriously. Look at them.

2.)¬† They are, indeed, comfortable! I had my doubts. There’s a heel on this baby and “heels” and “comfortable” have never been in the same sentence, amiright ladies? I even “tested” them by wearing them for a 12 hour work day. By the end of the night… well, my feet did hurt a little bit. When you’re on your feet ALL day that’s a fact of life, BUT I wasn’t on the verge of tears like I typically am. A win, certainly!

3.) Built-in foot cushions. I can’t tell you the amount of money I’ve wasted on “custom” orthopedic shoe inserts. Some have worked “okay”… others, I ended up throwing away. They’re a joke. Don’t waste your money. These shoes (and¬†most of the ones in Dansko’s line have the APMA–American Podiatric Medical Association–stamp of approval)¬†are MADE to fit all the curvatures of your feet so no inserts are required!

4.) I can wear them with anything. This may sound very girlie but let’s face it… we I¬†wanna look cute. It’s not ALL about “function.”¬† Yes, I have horrible 95 year-old retail feet that I’m convinced will¬†never be normal again… but¬†I want a cute pair of shoes, dangit! I wore these shoes with skinny jeans in my last refashion post. I can wear them with boot-cut jeans. I wear them to work, the grocery store, taking my grandson to the park… I wear them ALL the time. In fact, I sold/donated every single pair of shoes in my closet because I’m a Dansko girl now. True story.


There’s no such thing as a “perfect” shoe… but, dangit, if these aren’t close!

If there’s one¬†thing about Prima I don’t love it would only be that they’re occasionally slippery.¬†The outsoles are made of polyurethane.¬†¬†Because my feet suck, I’ve become quite the klutz. I stumble over my feet; my ankles give out; I trip at random moments; I even lose my balance and fall on my arse :)Though there¬†IS a rubber-like pad/cushion on the bottom of the shoes, I still find myself slipping from time to time¬†especially¬†when I’m¬†on hard¬†flooring/surfaces.¬†¬†Slips are inevitable when you’re¬†a klutz… and, miraculously, it’s only happened a few times. Dansko does¬†have slip resistant shoes and, mark my words, I WILL be getting a pair for my 12 hour work¬†days! Prima is awesome. I do not regret my purchase in any way… but for my 12 hour days I’ll probably be wearing their “Professional.”

So, that’s it; my review of Dansko Prima Shoes.

In summation: BUY them! ūüôā Whether your feet suck or not, you need to take care of your feet. This is my soap box moment so deal with it:


Yes, I work all the time but who doesn’t??? That’s the way things are right now for a lot of people. My foot problems are a result of numerous factors but it’s¬†mostly because I didn’t wear proper footwear. I had normal, awesome feet for 30 years and now I don’t. I¬†took them¬†for granted and cheaped out on shoes that hurt my feet in the long run. Be pro-active. Wear good shoes before your feet go bad.

End of schpeel.

*This is a non-sponsored review. All opinions expressed are my own. In an earlier version of this post I erroneously reported that these shoes were vegan & had a wooden sole. This version of my post is, to the best of my knowledge, the most accurate.

2 thoughts on “Dansko Prima Shoe Review

  1. I have these shoes too! Mine are dark brown suede. It’s not your fault re: being a klutz in these. The narrow (for a Dansko) base plus rocker bottom feels less stable to me.

    If you think these Prima are comfy, you will swoon over the Professional. (Costco has them for about $50 less than retail right now… go figure!). The Pro comes in two styles: The Dansko Professional, which is the original stapled clog with a very firm insole and arch support. The Pro XP is a stitched clog with a supportive memory foam insole. It’s just a bit more cushiony than the original. They’re available in regular and wide widths (width refers to the depth of the shoe in Dansko clogs).
    Have you tried Alegria clogs? Love them!

    1. Just saw this post Bonnie, sorry. Sometimes my notifications fall through the cracks… I’ve been dreaming of the Pro XP for awhile, actually. I need all the cushion I can get ūüôā Thanks for the tip. I have a sponsorship with Dansko, so I typically try to get all my shoes from them. When we decide to part ways (if we ever do) I’ll be sure to try Alegria clogs! ūüôā

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