New house, new blouse

Okay, so it’s technically a T-shirt..

I remind my husband of this every. single. day. 😉

You might notice this is my OLD (as in former bedroom). I did this refashion in the midst of moving…not sure what possessed me to do that. You might also find it interesting that this tshirt is one of the garage sale finds I picked up on the hottest day of the year thus far. That was a great garage sale! But this shirt was not without its faults: It was a little big… a little stained… and a little sophomoric for a 32 year old. Let’s just be honest.


I hate to admit it but I didn’t notice these stains until after I took it in a couple of inches. I washed it, naturally, but when I turned it inside out to take it in, I saw these stains all over the place 😦 A simple dye job fixes that… however, that was the last step I did.

First, I took it in a couple inches on each side using my Janome 6600.


And I used THIS stitch:


This lightning bolt looking stitch is a knit stitch. Basically, it’s the love child of straight stitch and zig zag. For those of you who’ve been sewing long enough you KNOW that sometimes a straight stitch just won’t do it… and neither will a zig zag! This knit stitch is perfect when you need the best of both worlds for those pesky stretch materials.


I used blue thread because it was already on the machine and I’m lazy so you could see the stitch better 🙂

Then, I gave it a dye bath.

Say hello to my new house!:)

It’s been crazy chilly in the mornings, so I paired this with my go-to mustard cardigan and spiced it up with my Nanny’s brooch.

My cute new address numbers, Hai.

I’m holding the bouquet from my wedding 🙂 Yes, yes I am. That was actually my pal Vicky’s idea. She saw it in one of the boxes in the kitchen and came up with the brilliant idea.

I MADE him do this… bless his heart.

I love my new house, y’all. I love it. I’m so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I’m like a Jewish mama right now or something! Life is good. God is good.

…and my refashioned shirt’s not too bad either 😉

Sans cardigan.

One last “Over the threshold” shot… I just can’t help myself. That’s kind of a big deal to former fat girls. Although, if you look at Hubs’s strained expression, I’m thinking I might need to drop a little more… 90lbs lighter and I’m still a heffer. Ain’t life a kick in the head?



What a champ! 🙂

6 thoughts on “New house, new blouse

  1. So, when you dyed the shirt, the words still came through readable?? Wonderful! I’ve been just the least little bit cowardly about dying anything. Lovely new home, btw…we just moved a year ago and love our little Creekside Cottage. 🙂 Your hubby seems like a great guy – it’s a blessing to have a wonderful husband!!!

    1. Thank you! Dyeing is a lot of fun. Couple of drawbacks: the color NEVER looks the same on the garment as it does on the bottle; and, it’s super messy. No matter how careful I am there’s always a “bleeding” issue… My awesome husband has actually asked me to stop dyeing things for awhile because I’ve inadvertently ruined some of his clothing 😦 All the more reason he’s amazing! 🙂 He still loves & supports me even when I ruin his clothes 🙂

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