Pastel Wonder

I’m just gonna get to the point today:


Like, I have seriously sucked lately.

“Like, for REAL!”

The Other Woman is hilarious by the way. Leslie Mann is my new favorite actress.

But, I digress.

I have had about 8 failed back-to-back-to-back refashions. Seriously. I just about gave up and deactivated this blog altogether… I still kinda want to. So, when this pastel wonder dress came out of the dryer, I didn’t even bother wearing it for my before picture!

Now, you’re a 2 piece.

I’m going to attempt to tackle the top piece first… I cut off the sleeves, and that belt thingy.

To spice up the hem, I folded it in half & cut.

So far, so good *knock on wood.

I finished the sleeve holes and bottom with an easy rolled hem.  And, because I like V necks, I used the back of the shirt as the front and deepened the “V”.

See the funky “shark bite” hem?

Hubs and I took advantage of our day off together and explored garage sales. We also went out to lunch (we’re not complete losers). 😉

It was so hot I actually exposed my arms! This is a most rare occurrence…
Muffin is so cute! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We scored some amazing finds at this sale. Most of it was ready to wear; no refashioning required. I’m seriously just about ready to “sign off” as DIY-er… time will tell.


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