Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are a BIG deal to me. Big. Huge. It’s the one day of the year solely devoted to YOU (/me); why shouldn’t it be special?! As a kid, my parents really did birthdays “right”… and, yes, I may be 32 now, but dangit, I should still be celebrated! …And, so should everyone else on their birthday!

This past Friday I had to work at Job #2, and it was a rough shift; really rough, which is not normal for Job #2. When I clocked out and went home, I walked into our condo (that we’re in the process of selling–updates to follow) and I see my step-sons’ reflection in the hallway mirror… I don’t think much of it, “Oh, maybe they just wanted to come over for dinner and hang out with little man” (our grandson, whom we had all weekend long). When I walked into the kitchen there was a crowd of extra people and the most awesomely delicious lookingΒ  cake.



Isn’t little man just the CUTEST? He calls me, “War-wuh” cuz “Gammy” just doesn’t seem to fit. And Warwuh is okay with that πŸ™‚

I was truly surprised at the modest and impromptu surprise party. Muffin, (Hubs) really got me good on that one.

On Sunday nights my parents, siblings & their families typically gather for a big meal after church at our parents’ house. This Sunday was the same, only I had birthday gifts and a cake waiting on me there as well. Really makes a gal feel special. Family is awesome. And I love mine!

On Monday when my actual birthday rolled around I did have to work all day, but Hubs arranged it with my Job #2 boss to have the evening off. He treated me to the best and most decadent meal I’ve ever had in my life at The Melting Pot!

I’ve been wanting to go there for YEARS! And, yet again, Muffin (yes, for real, I call him muffin…I decided to refer to him as “Hubs” for my blog because he’s my husband and it makes sense, but I truly call him Muffin 90% of the time) completely surprised me.

I really, really, really like birthday surprises! πŸ™‚ And, muffin is fantastic at them.

If you’ve never been to The Melting Pot I highly recommend it… I also recommend saving up at least 2 of your pay checks & fasting a full day before the meal because you will eat that much food.

YAH! for birthdays. They aren’t just for kids (or for kids at heart). A birthday is another year to enjoy a loved one, so they should ALL be special.

Happy birthday to all the August babies out there πŸ™‚



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