Simple T-shirt

If it seems like all my Job #2 Inspired refashions all look the same… let me just reiterate, if I may, that I must adhere to the most unimaginative, boring dress code EVER conceived of a  corporation!


Also, if you’re wondering why I’m “collage” crazy as of late, that’s because I’m dangerously low on media space for my pictures… that’s something else I will have to work on.

This was a pretty blase tshirt dress thing. I liked the detail at the bosom. All I needed to do was cut off some length and finish the bottom edge with a rolled hem (see bottom right picture) 🙂


I also clipped off the elastic tie strings on the bosom area.


To spice it up, I put one of my Nanny’s brooches in the void of the elastic ties and paired it with a red lace cami.

Not bad for .99 cents. And, I don’t just have to wear it to Job #2 either 🙂


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