Look who’s wearing a DRESS!

Yep, mark your calendar. Laura’s wearing a dress today 🙂


This was a purchase I made pre-blog from my favorite .99 cent shop. I’m pretty sure, though, I probably paid a little bit more for it than that. I’ve had this thing at least 3 years… at least. I bought it for my former Job #2 because I had to dress up for that gig. It did need a couple of modifications to make it work appropriate (at the time… I left that job this past January), though.


1.) LOVE the bustier. This is always a flattering neckline on any body type/shape!

2.) The elastic shirring on the back needed to be tightened up as it was worn out in a few spots. I took the easy way out and just added a couple darts on the outside edges.

3.) More darts! I added these to both sides of the bodice.

4.) The bottom hem was unfinished. I think a wannabe refashionista started on this and didn’t complete it. A simple rolled hem polished it up just right.


I wore this to church with a dressy lightweight sweater, a pair of leggins, and my favorite statement necklace.

I think the reason I hate dresses so much is because I feel “out” there. If the dress blows up in the wind or something… oops! There’s Laura’s lady parts for all the world to see. Yeah, I could wear a slip but that’s a paper thin solution to a big problem. With leggins I have a true sense of security 🙂


To clock into my current Job #2 after church, I dressed this down with a black cardi Hubs gifted me, and my go-to sketchers. He assured me I didn’t look like an idiot and because I’m sick of wearing the SAME stuff over and over again I decided, what the heck?


A versatile refashion to dress up or down. Can’t beat it. And, Yah! for trying new things 🙂

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