Boney Bunch DIY Costume

In retail you have to be one step ahead of the game. With the commercialization of every single holiday/event you might even have to stay 2 or 3 steps ahead of the curve just to keep up. I mean, Lowe’s already has their Christmas Trees out for crying out loud.

I may be an accidental seamstress by day, but I moonlight as a candle aficionado evenings and weekends. Every August 1st-ish we preview our signature “Boney Bunch” Halloween merchandise.  Every employee is required to dress up in costume for the event. How fun!

This year we decided to dress up as our favorite Yankee Candle Scent. Brilliant, no? Who’s idea was that? Mine, of course, because I’m awesome 😉


This costume was 100% free and completely DIY with items already in my closet: My shirt is a .99 cent refashion I wear regularly to Job #2. My trousers are an alteration. The hat I bought a while ago as a quick save for a super bad hair day. The apron is on loan from my bestie, Vicky.  In case you can’t see the candle I’m holding… I represent Hazelnut Coffee. Get it? …Coffee? …Barista? 🙂


Joanne’s fabulous beach themed ensemble is “Pink Sands” and Michelle’s costume is just too awesome for words. As “Autumn Leaves” she wrapped herself up in a trash bag and glued leaves all over herself. LOVE!


Having fun representin’!


Joanne is one of my assistant managers. You’ve heard me mention her before. She’s the one I can’t say “No” to

I have so much fun at Job#2 its ridiculous. My coworkers are great. Management is great. The company is great. The events are fun… If I have to work on evenings and weekends, I’m glad it’s here!

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