Major OOPS! shirt

I found this gloriously vintage dress for .99 cents. Words cannot describe how much I love it!


I’ve had this for nearly a year. I was going to wear it last Halloween but then Hubs and I decided on “The gatekeeper & Keymaster” instead πŸ™‚

…then I was going to wear it for Easter; just shorten it a bit and wear practically as-is to church. But, God help me, I loved it too much to change it. Isn’t that hilarious? I finally decided I needed to just do it. What good was it doing in my refash stash?

After some debate I decided to dye it. This is polyester at its finest so I knew the color wouldn’t “stick” very well. I gave it a LONG bath in some deep wine RIT dye and this is what happened:

IMG_2625The color wasn’t too bad… but it ended up revealing stains ALL over the place!! 😦 Eww. Hence, the big chop. This is, officially, a tunic now!

I am running dangerously low on “space” for my pictures, so I’m going to have to really modify this post, y’all. I’ve got to figure out how I can get more space for my pictures without paying for it πŸ™‚

I cut a few inches off the sleeves as well and gave it and the bottom a 1″ hem. Then I found a HORRIBLE stain on the back left shoulder. When I tried to get it out, it ended up bleeding the dye and making it worse

IMG_2630I did NOT want to give up on this refashion. I seriously love this dress so much it’s kinda pathetic! I went to my stash of scraps… maybe I could creatively cover it up.

I found, of all things, a pair of black lace undies that I hated (wearing). I’m not a cheeky kind of gal. Bikinis or thongs for me, not to be TMI. Β  I thought the black lace might come in handy. I mean, you can’t donate underwear. Gross. Why not save the material for a situation such as this?

Oh, yes I did.

Why yes, yes that is the former waistband of a pair of my undies! πŸ™‚ Why not?? You can’t see the stain (well, you probably can because you know it’s there and are therefore looking for it…).

For lack of a better word or skill, let’s just say it, I appliqued the lace with a simple straight stitch.

Not too shabbs

IMG_2644Sun’s in my eyes, but there’s a smile on my face because I fixed a MAJOR fail with this one, kids!

How could you not love the detail on this thing?


My orthopedic inserts make ballet shoes doable πŸ™‚ This shirt is too cute for sketchers.

If there’s one lesson I learned from this experience: don’t give up! Use your noggin’. You can finish a refashion gone wrong if you really want to. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this new favorite πŸ™‚


One thought on “Major OOPS! shirt

  1. Of course you love this because of the diagonal lines all being brought into the waist line, they make anyone look slimmer. It looks good as a tunic top and the color is better for you than the original color.

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