Pam’s home refash

My dear friend Pam sent me a message on facebook last night, and I just HAD to share it:

I can honestly say that I have never ever ever imagined myself dying something, but because of your inspiration, I am making my first attempt! Fingers crossed…

What was she dying you ask?


I don’t want to speak ill of anyone’s taste :)… so I’ll let Pam explain what her thought process was on this:

“This doily was crochet-ed by a family friend as wedding gift (17 years ago!) in traditional ecru. I used it a lot because that was my style then. But it has been in a drawer forever and ever, but I didn’t want to get rid of it because someone spent a lot of time on it for me. I found it the other day, and it struck me that I’d like it if it were a bit more vibrant.”
How did she make it more vibrant, you ask? She gave it a bath in RIT Kelly Green dye.
How gorgeous! I absolutely love this. What a creative and super easy way to spice up something pretty outdated (no offense to the person who gave this to Pam as a wedding gift!). Dying this doily gave it whole new life.
In the midst of all the excitement, Pam went on a DIY rampage and spruced up her lawn furniture while she was at it too!
Can we say “amazeballs”?
I’m so glad Pam messaged me her refashions (They’re not just for clothes, ya know). I’m also glad she also gave me permission to share them with you. I think they’re pretty swell.
Happy DIYing everybody!

2 thoughts on “Pam’s home refash

  1. Pam was named for this Auntie and I love seeing her lovies on your blog. I saw the picture on facebook and thought it was beautiful but didn’t know she dyed it. I have an identical one crocheted by the same friend…now I just have to decide what color I want it! ~Pamela

    1. Aww, how sweet. I’m sure I met you at Maddie’s shower or at a church function sometime through the years… DIY is infectious isn’t it? You’ll have to share your creation with us when you’re done, Aunt Pam 😉

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