So, I know I’ve hinted before that I used to be a very, shall we say, “Spherical” person 🙂 And that is very true. I was quite fat for most of my life.

Nikon 410
Exhibit A

When I started blogging I thought about making my journey to skinny town the main focus of everything but eventually decided against it. While being fat for 26 years of my life did shape me into the person I am today (no pun intended), it doesn’t define who I am. I’m not Laura, who lost 90lbs. I’m just Laura… ya know?

Anyway, maintaining that weight loss is something I truly have to work at on a daily basis. I watch what I eat but (like my favorite new blogger Brooke says), I’m NOT on a diet! It’s truly just a way of life now. I never deprive myself and I sure as heck NEVER say that I “can’t” have something. It’s all about balance.

Case in point 🙂

I also workout quite often. I’ve never ever had a gym membership (I prefer to jiggle in private). I do at home workout systems, mostly from Beachbody. Like anyone else, I had to start very simply and work my way up. It all started with Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred and I eventually worked my way up to a fitness level I’m pretty proud of 🙂

Recently, 7 freakin’ months ago!!!! I’ve acquired a foot injury that has set me back in a way I never thought possible. It’s seriously changed everything: how I dress, how I walk, hours wasted doing stretches and therapies, money on those therapies, and just being in freakin’ pain ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. Can a gal get a foot transplant, here?!?! Cripes. My high intensity workouts with Shaun T are but a thing of the past, I’m afraid 😦

It’s a whole production…

The good folks at Beachbody must’ve heard my cries because they came out with a new workout system!  My girl Chalene Johnson came up with this high intensity but LOW impact system that combines Pilates and Yoga. In other words: for the working-out-DISabled! 🙂

I’m so happy I could cry! 🙂

At first, working out was strictly a means to an end (becoming thin). Now, working out is something my body craves. I love it. I have to get my sweat on. It’s my “me” time; how I recharge; work out all the crap & frustration of my day. It’s my soul food, not to be melodramatic… just sayin’

I’m gonna hold you to your word, PiYo!

I have a goal that I’d like to reach. I’d like to lose a little bit more weight, and I’d love for my feet to completely heal so I can get back to “normal” again. I’m 3 weeks in to this program and though I’m private by nature (ironic for a blogger, no?) I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.

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