Zooey top

I may not have 10K followers like my inspirational refashionista has… but my humble little blog has gone “viral” in its own small way. Believe it or not, Accidental Seamstress has been BUSY with commissioned projects lately!


I swore I’d NEVER sew as a “job” for anyone and that’s all I’ve been doing as of late. Isn’t that how it always works? I haven’t had time to do any refashions for myself! So, when I saw this AWESOME dress for .99 cents, I had to tackle it right away.


“Awesome” to the ninth degree 🙂 I actually love the color. The bias pleating across the bodice rocks my world. And, I dig the vintage vibe going on… It’s not going to take much to transform this into something socially acceptable.

In case you didn’t know what this was…

Though my passion for sleeves can NOT be understated, I decided they needed to go. I found something very curious inside them while I was at it…

As if they weren’t puffy enough!

I seam ripped those puppies out, and began the fun part.

Taking it in.

Right on my dress form, I cut off the excess material


Then I sewed up those side edges with a serger that we already had threaded up with pink thread 🙂 #Lazy


I thought about leaving this as a dress… but I just really don’t “do” dresses well.


I finished the arm holes and the bottom hem.

NOT a rolled hem 🙂

Now, I have a fun retro yet modern top. It so reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel would wear 🙂


I was going to rip out the collar at first, but I was too lazy. Hey, at least I’m honest… The collar ended up being my favorite part of the shirt.

For church I spiced it up with jewelry and a white cardigan.

For a relaxed evening with the fam, I changed into some holey jeans and lost the accessories.

Pink and black is always a good combo

I may not be as cool as Zooey, but at least I sort of/kind of look like her. (I should’ve worn my geek chic glasses..)


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