Selvage Wallet Tutorial

Speaking solely in terms of sewing, of course, my biggest pet peeve could be described in one word: Scraps.

I hate ’em.

On the one hand, they can be saved for a plethora of other projects. On the other hand, I despise clutter! I can’t handle stuff laying around for the proverbial “rainy day.” Often times, I’m so ADD that I forget about the scraps to begin with so when the rainy day finally gets here I’m “up a creek” anyway… πŸ™‚ Inevitably, I get so sick of my scraps I end up just getting rid of them. I donate them to a good cause, so all is still not lost.

Today, though. I came up with a useful way to use up selvage scraps

tut Ever get a pile like this?

IMG_2351I do! When you lay them all out, it’s pretty amazing how much fabric these little strips can add up to.

IMG_2353Surely, there’s enough here for a wallet, right? This one is really simple, guys and gals.Β  And here is my tutorial:

1234collage1.) Sew the strips right sides together. ( I did 4 or 5 at a time).

2.) Iron

3.) Trim

4.) Repeat until you have several strips sewn together.

Continue with these steps until you have enough fabric for the 2 main sides of your wallet.

IMG_2362The next few steps refer to the assembly of the wallet:

5678collage5.) Lay your 2 main pieces of fabric right sides together. I used yet another scrap of fabric (the orange one) as a template for the size and shape of my wallet.

6.) Trim

7.) I used the same orange scrap and cut off the rounded tip. This is going to be a pocket in the wallet.

8.) I cut 2 more pockets (out of more scrap fabric) just like the orange one (each one just slightly smaller than the previous).

Now I have the main body of my wallet, and the 3 pockets that’ll go on the inside.

91011collage9.) Lay the 3 pockets on the Right side of one wallet fabric piece.

10.) Lay the 2nd wallet fabric piece on the piece with the pockets. The main wallet pieces should be right sides together.

11.) Sew a straight stitch (1/4″ seam is preferable) around the entire parameter of the wallet, leaving a 2 ” gap. Sew a reverse stitch at the beginning and end of these stitches so they won’t come undone.

12.) From the 2″ gap, turn the wallet inside out. You’ll have a hole… sew it shut by hand or by machine. I sewed mine down by machine, and I went ahead and sewed around the entire wallet just to “finish” the look a little better.

IMG_2383Now, you have a wallet, complete with pockets, and made completely from selvage/scraps… in other words: FREE! πŸ™‚

Leave as-is or add a button or snap closer if desired.




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