A refashion without my dress form

I don’t know what I would do without my dress form I lovingly refer to as “Minnie” …as in my  “mini me.” Technically, her name should be “Mini” but I digress.

IMG_2253My Xerox machine is modeling this amazingly awesome skirt I purchased for .99 cents.

How awesome is this print?


At my Job #1 we had a very large sewing class and I was unable to access my usual accoutrements for refashioning…including Minnie 😦

Patience is so not a virtue for me, so I decided to proceed without her.

I measured a length across my chest where I would be comfortable with my new neck hole and decided on 12 inches. Turning my skirt inside out and using the bottom of the skirt as the new top for my shirt, and using the existing center seam as a reference, I marked said 12 inches.

IMG_2261Then, I ran it under the needle leaving the 12 inch gap for my new neck hole.

IMG_2263Now, I need to tackle the length.

IMG_2267And, there’s that pesky “arm hole” situation I have to deal with now… Luckily, this skirt originally had a button closure. Since it’s on its side now (and upside down), the button closure in now on the side too.

IMG_226912″ worked so well for the neckline so why not use it for the armhole too?  I decided to leave the buttons opened 12 inches down. I could’ve sewed it down just to secure it… and then I thought, “eh.”

The left  side of the garment had to be “opened,” so I measured 12″ down from the top edge, marking it with a pin, and cut it open for the left armhole.

IMG_2273I used a rolled hem to secure my new left armhole. And, I finished the new bottom edge with a rolled hem as well

IMG_2275My machine even goes through the thick seam on a rolled hem 😉

IMG_2284I really am happy about this one guys, really. I just have sensitive eyes 😉

And! Look who’s wearing flip flops for the first time in 7months?!?!

IMG_2285That’s right, baby. ME! My plantar fasciitis is finally healing, praise the Lord! I just had to wear flip flops to capture the moment 🙂

And I’m quite proud of myself for simply using the old noggin’ and doing this refashion without any help from Minnie. She’s awesomesauce but today I was aweseomsauce 😉


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