Confetti Shell

My New Year’s resolution to not buy any new clothes for myself is a success! Nearly 7 months in to the new year I have only worn refashions! That being said, let’s get to today’s.

IMG_2186This size 14W dress attracted me, initially, because of the super fun print. I love a good polka dot 🙂 It reminds me of strawberry ice cream with confetti candy on it or something.


At first I didn’t like this part… but I was too lazy to seam rip it out; I’m not gonna lie.

IMG_2187And this HAD to go!

IMG_2192I didn’t measure or anything, y’all. Seriously lazy. At least I’m honest about it…

Some taking in was in order too.


I only took in about 2″… ANY time I “take in” material like this it ends up being too small, even after I put it on my dress form and mark it and pin to kingdom come. It never fails! This material hates me or I’m just so awful at sewing (still) that I just-so-happen to mess it up every single time. IDK.

So, I only took it in a little bit.

…and it was too big.

That’s what safety pins are for

IMG_2196I finished the bottom with an easy rolled hem.  And, ya know what? That ruffle is growing on me. It looks like a shirt I saw in my Victoria’s Secret catalog

That’ll be $26 (ish) dollars… suckers.

One glorious day I’ll be able to wear mine without a stupid arm cover-upper.

I digress. In case you can’t tell, getting an arm lift is my current obsession.

IMG_2198I wore this to a celebratory family gathering: All the June birthdays were observed. How appropriate was my strawberry ice cream with confetti blouse? 🙂

IMG_2213The lives of the party, as always.

IMG_2225Looks like someone is winding down…


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