Scrappy Messenger Bag

I don’t know about y’all, but when I get on a “kick” I just have to ride that train until I’m over it. The kick du jour is getting rid of my flippin’ scraps!!

Am I the only one that accumulates 20 miles of scraps??? Please tell me you suffer through this too πŸ™‚


I was able to shrink this stock pile with the Burp Cloths I made for my friend Jessica; however, I still had about 19 miles left…


As you can see I have mostly long, narrow scraps. These were donated to me this way; I’m going to assume from a quilter. The only way I could conceive of making these work, was to just sew them all together to make one big piece of fabric. So that’s where I started πŸ™‚


Might as well do a 1/4″ seam since it’s technically “quilting.”


When this happened, I just cut the excess off. No big whoop.


I did this over and over and over again until they were all sewn together.


Now, I’ve got to assemble them into a Messenger Bag-ish shape, right? A woman can never have too many bags. Hand bags, that is πŸ˜‰

I found a Messenger bag pattern Janome gave us and once again I only used it to cut the fabric into the right sizes. I can’t follow pattern directions to save my soul… but at least the shapes will be right.


All cut to fit, now I just have to assemble it. I did the front panel first: Sew right sides together and turn rightside out


Trim, and then figure out the “side” panel/bottom of the bag. I added some batting to act as a stabilizer. I hate flimsy bags. This will give it some firmness.


Pin and sew to outer edges. I figured this out the hard way: the top scrap thing above the body of the bag, yeah, sew THAT too (just like I have it pinned to the front). You have to sew that scrap on the backside too. You’ll be using your seam ripper if you don’t.


See how the raw edge is on the inside? Yeah, it should be on the edge closest to the camera. Sew it right the first time and you won’t have to do that. Funny thing is, I actually READ the directions for that part… blasted patterns!!! Seriously, hate them.

Sew the main body of the bag & lining to the raw edge of the lining leaving a few inches to turn it right side out (sew up those few inches after turning it rightside out).


You now have a gynormous messenger bag made entirely from scraps!

Obviously, I sewed a strap on there too πŸ™‚


Then, I got really inspired and embroidered all the letters of my name on the front:


It’s a bit of a “spin” on a traditional monogram


I used different fonts and sizes for each of the letters to give it some personality.


The next time I do this project I am going to use a stiffer stabilizer (say that 5 times really fast) because the bag is still a little flimsy for my liking. I’m also going to tweak the monogram a bit. Other than that, I’m going to call this project a success πŸ™‚

I got rid of NEARLY all the left over scraps, which was the main goal.

AND, I have a bag unlike anyone else (whether that’s good or bad, you can be the judge).



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