“Rainy Day” Burp Cloths: Part IV

We’ve made it to #4 in my series for getting rid of your scraps. The vehicle in which I’m getting rid of said scraps is via my friend Jess’s baby shower. She requested “cute” burp cloths. Let’s hope her definition of cute and mine line up because, well, I already have them done 🙂


Remember alllll these scraps in my stash? (That’s not even all of it…) For BCs #1, #2, and #3 I’ve pretty much just stuck with the hot pink floral and brown polka dot fabrics. But you’ll notice that I have all these other floral fabrics too. I’ve had this box of scraps for years, people. Years. I really need to use them up. I hate just having crap loads of fabric laying around and not use them.  I can’t handle clutter. They gots ta go!

I did a “suicide” action with the white floral and multi-floral prints. I cut them into more manageable strips and sewed them together.


If ever materials did not “match”… 🙂 Sad thing is, I like un-matchable fabrics together. I do. I’m not a matchy-matchy person at all. The middle multi-floral print is the same one I used for the Owl’s nose in BC #2 so that’s my rationale for “tying” them together. BC #5 tomorrow will incorporate this print even more. So, it’s all good. Don’t panic.

Trim the uneven edges and sew to the BC.


Say what? You see right. I’m “hooping” this burp cloth… I’m going to embroider! I struggle with embroidery but I’m struggling even more trying to figure out how to make this BC less “grandma” looking 😀

On my Horizon Memory Craft 15000, I selected a scripted font and “wrote” out Baby #4’s name 🙂


Fasten in the hoop, hit the “Start” button. Watch. Enjoy. Go get a coffee… the machine does all the work.



Again, the “gauze” like material of the BC is a little tricky to work with. I put 3 layers of medium weight tear-away stabilizer on the underside of the hoop. I put 1 layer on the top. On towel like material like this you really can’t use too much stabilizer. The threads can disappear in the material defeating the point all together, right? Since it’s tear-away, I can rip it from the embroidery like it was never there to begin with.


See? Tear-away stabilizer comes off easily but helps the stitching look great. On a burp cloth, baby Cheyenne doesn’t want her soft face to rub up again thick and permanent interfacing. Not good.


There’s some residual stabilizer… just pick it out or use some water to loosen it up. On another note, see the stitching on top of the floral fabric? It’s a quilting stitch. So far, I’ve used a different stitch for each burp cloth. This is the first one with embroidery. Stay tuned for #5 tomorrow.



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