“Rainy Day” Burp Cloths: Part III

I’ve shown you #1 and #2 of 5 burp cloths I’ve made for my friend Jess’s baby shower to be held this Saturday. I would’ve just conglomerated them into one big post but… that just seemed too impossible.  Sorry if 5 posts on burp cloths is too much. All I can say to that is deal with it 🙂

Jess wanted burp cloths. I wanted to get rid of my scraps. Everybody wins.

I had some scraps leftover from the scraps I used on the pink BC and the Owl BC 🙂


Scraps from the scraps… I began by “evening” them out.


I didn’t really know what to do at this point, so I just sewed the 2 fabrics together… then, I just had a boring block of pink and a boring block of brown fabric sewn together. How could I spice this up?

I cut them in half again… and sewed them together… again 🙂


That looks a little better. Plus, it ties all the material together so this set of burp cloths looks like it “goes” together and not like someone arbitrarily just put some fabric on cloth diapers like a weirdo!

Just like #1, I ironed the long raw edges under and pinned them.


Our Horizon Memory Craft 15000 has 525 stitches! Why not use them? And, use them, I intend to do. I’m going to do a different stitch on each block. Mmm Hmm.


Like, bows and stars…


And castles! 🙂 How cool is this machine, y’all!





I’m quite proud of this one, kids. I truly just wung it… wanged it, winged it. You know what I mean.

I had scraps, and I just played around with them until something worked for this BC (how many times can I say “scrap” and “burp cloth” in one posting???). I know this isn’t a refashion like what I typically do, but this is why I love to just make things up as I go.. it’s so much more interesting. You never know where your leftovers, your mistakes, or other “ErMerGersh!” moments are going to lead you. Just roll with it, or rather just sew with it 😉 You just might surprise yourself.

3 BCs down and 2 more to go.




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