“Rainy Day” Burp cloths: Part 1


As promised, I’ve finished 5 burp cloths for a friend’s baby shower. It took me a few days, but the bright side is that I was able to finish them all using nothing but my own scraps that had been tucked away in my “stash” for, dare I say, years. You know the stash I’m talking about… the one you just throw stuff in to no matter how cute or ugly the fabric is. You rationalize that you’ll use them for a rainy day, amiright? The rainy day has arrived! Let’s get to burp cloth #1… Technically, it’ll be burp cloth #2 in the picture above πŸ™‚


This is my stash of scraps. I pulled out all the prints I thought would be appropriate for a baby girl. I ironed them, and laid them all out on my sewing table. I figured a “visual” would help me figure out where I wanted to go with this project…


Amazing, isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that ALL this material was in that dinky storage bin???

The obvious choice to start with is the pink flowery material. Jessica has three adorable boys, but for baby #4 she found out she’s having a girl. We’re going pink for this one! The scrap as-is measures 3 ft-ish long. I cut it a little longer than the length of the burp cloth (It’s actually a cloth diaper if you want to be technical).


I didn’t want raw edges, so I ironed them down.


Bye-bye raw edges. Pin to the burp cloth and stitch it down.

Now, I could’ve just used a boring old straight stitch… but some of the machines I have at my disposal have the CUTEST decorative stitches you could imagine. Why not use them???


Do you see the adorable “dressform” stitch? I love it. And, seriously, not to make everything a “marketing” move but come ‘on πŸ™‚ It only makes sense for me to use this.

Because this stitch is crazy long and wide (9mm), I centered my fabric down the middle of the presser foot. The pink fabric is to the left of the center mark; the white fabric is to the right. If you pay no attention at all to the needle, just keep your eye on keeping the fabric right down the middle of that foot.. the machine will to all the work for you. It will be perfectly straight/centered.

I used a Janome 8900 for this. It’s seriously my favorite machine we sell at Job #1.



I used the same thread in the bobbin, which makes the back side just as cute as the front.

Then, I folded the raw edges on the shorter (top and bottom) ends of the burp cloth down & sewed them with a straight stitch.




Stay tuned for 4 more, and different, burp cloths in my “Rainy Day” series for using up your scraps πŸ™‚


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