New dawn, new day

Hello everyone. Just like the fabulous Nina Simone sang it best, it’s a new dawn. And, I’m feeling good!

Actually, I’m quite tired. I haven’t had a day off since… I really don’t know when. Christmas Day immediately pops into my head. Surely there’s been a day since then where I didn’t have to go into Job #1 or #2 at all for the day, but I truly can’t tell you when.

In spite of that, though, I’m rejuvenated. I know that makes me an oxymoron on so many levels but simply put the Quilting Expo I was a part of this past weekend really inspired me! I met so many cool people.

This gal was one of them!


Kasey was in a few of my sewing classes at the expo and she is awesome! She bought a new machine from us and she went to the Tim Gunn fashion school in California. She was a Fashion merchandising major, meaning she would “speck” all the garments for designers. Designers just create the designs, the “Speckers” actually sew them/create them (contrary to what you see on Project Runway). She’s got more sewing talent in her pinky than I have in my whole body. We’ve become good friends and we’re going to network together; teach sewing classes to other people like me who can’t sew. Exciting times! 🙂

This is the project she made in one of the classes:


She tweaked the project a little bit (making it better, in truth), and really gave it pizazz.

I also met so many cool bloggers. Bloggers that get paid to do what they do/love. Bloggers like Rachel at Ps I quilt. And, Heather over at Fiberosity. It got the wheels in my head turning…

I can do that!

Gradually, I’m going to change the entire look of this blog. Accidental Seamstress is going to go pro (or, at the very least, look it).

I’m not going to limit myself to clothing refashions. I’m going to construct new garments.

I’m also going to do more designing. I’m going to create my own projects instead of copying other bloggers. And, I’m going to start with this:


I going to show you how to spice up cloth diapers using alllllll those scraps that are just hanging in your “stash” for a rainy day. Stay tuned for “Rainy Day burp cloths ” 😉



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