MMM14: Day 31


The time we’ve all been dreading (or looking forward to…) has arrived. It’s May 31st, which means today is the LAST post of


Dry your eyes.

I hope you like my final installment:


Sidebar: I can’t resize or caption my photos in “reader” anymore… does anyone know what that’s about???

Continuing on, we have this blase knit top that I picked out for my Job #2. It’s cute, it’s comfy, it’s in dress code, what’s not to love?


I see a lot of “Sonoma” shirts at the Goodwill… hmm. Oh well. It’s a little “L” so I’m going to take it in just a wee bit. I marked 2″ on each side and in my sleeves.


Then, I sewed a straight stitch down the marked lines and cut off the excess fabric. I usually like to cut my fabric before I take it in because it’s not fun dealing with all that bulk. This material is stretchy and I didn’t take all that much in, so I went ahead and sewed it before cutting the excess.

At Job #1 we’ve been crazy busy setting up for the quilting expo we’ve been sponsoring all week this week. I needed to wear a white shirt with our logo on it and since I hadn’t gotten around to wearing this at Job #2, I figured it’d be a perfect choice!


This is our logo that was “Digitized” by one of our other sewing instructors. To make a long story short, you can’t just take a picture of something (a logo for example) and expect your machine to just “know” how to embroider it. You have to use a specialized software program that will “Stitchify” your graphic picture so that the machine will recognize it as an embroidery design. That may sound easy but it’s not. I sewed out several samples of this before actually putting it on my and two other employees shirts.

To make another long story short… I nearly lost my religion! The material (THEIR nice store bought fancy, schmancy polo shirt material, that is) was SO difficult to embroider I don’t even have the energy to type it out and explain.

I had to call a friend to finish it 😦

This is further affirmation that I’m an ACCIDENTAL seamstress and not, in fact, a real one.

My friend Constance at Tender Loving Keepsakes, graciously bailed me out. Unfortunately, I had already damaged the other two shirts in my failed efforts and we had to “patch” the embroidery design onto the shirts instead of embroidering it directly onto the fabric, as you’ll notice in these pictures. 



Constance did a fantastic job, considering what she had to work with!

In spite of my embroidery fail, I wore my shirt to the quilting expo all weekend.


This is our booth 🙂


This is me in one of my sewing classes. We started at 8:30 in the morning went to 9 in the evening (we also had to drive an hour to and from the venue). We did this 4 nights this week… Have I mentioned yet that I’m tired?

In spite of it all, I did have a great time. We got to promote our Business, make some great friends and network connections,… and make an extra buck or two 🙂


I got a nifty lanyard and everythang 😉

Sooooooo…. I may not have embroidered this shirt. But, I DID refashion it so I’m totally gonna “count” it 🙂

31 down, 0 to go!

I’m going to bed



3 thoughts on “MMM14: Day 31

  1. Yaay! You made it! Like I have said before, I love reading your posts! I really liked what you did all this month. You really rock!

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