MMM14: Day 30

This has been a BUSY week for me y’all. I failed to remember that on May 1st when I started this venture! I’ve been in Indianapolis all day setting up for a huge sewing/quilt expo that I’m a vendor for through my Job #1. We’ve been at it since Wednesday non-stop and I’m dog tired!

As such, I only had time for a No sew today


Our grandson’s preschool graduation was tonight and I figured the bright blue would be an homage to the lil man since that’s his FAVORITE color. 🙂

I unbuttoned this to get the collar around my bust, wore the buttons in the back, and wrapped the sleeves behind me, and headed out the door to lil man’s party.


3rd from the left 🙂 He’s “Totes adorbs!”


I can’t seem to resize my photos tonight…. oh well. Lil man was so proud to graduate from preschool. Papaw Tim and “Warwah” were pretty proud too!



When we got home, I let down my hair and made hubs take a proper “after” shot of his tired wifey.


“My” tired! (As my niece would say). I’m going to bed… but first, one last gratuitous “proud grandma” shot 🙂



They grow up so fast, don’t they!

30 down, 1 to go!


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