MMM14: Day 26

We’re rounding third base and headed for home, in the last few installments of :


Recognize this?


I found this lovely white shrug at Goodwill, of course. It was .99 cents. I have too many arm cover-uppers to count! But, I didn’t really have a light, airy, summer appropriate one until I stumbled upon this one.

The banded sleeves were annoying to me. I’m a 3/4 sleeves kind of a gal 🙂


That’s an easy fix

7 inches on each side oughtta do it 🙂

And, it’s that easy. A no sew refashion in, literally, 1 minute.

Wait a second…


Are we getting deja vu yet?

it looks vaguely familiar

Since I never bare arms this little shrug has been quite invaluable in the warmer days of May. It’s probably one of the best/functional refashions of the month or EVER I’ve done.

.99 cents well spent! 🙂

26 down, 5 to go

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