MMM14: Day 25

I work out 5 to 6 days a week. I usually stick with the same boring workout clothes but I decided to make a new top for my current weight lifting regiment I’m on.


I love sewing as much as the next gal, but c’mon!


Sorry, but you have to go..



I sewed that edge together, cut off the sleeves, and cut out a deeper neckline.

My arms don’t look flabby from this angle…

“I wanna get physical, physical!”

This is my gym
These are my trainers
This is my sweat

As a formerly obese person, not working out is not an option for me. I didn’t lose 90lbs and keep it off four years by not working out and modifying my nutrition. It’ not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. I have to work at it everyday to maintain my weight loss. I also have plantar faciitis at the moment and am under doctor’s orders not to do any high impact activity 😦

Weight training is one of my few options right now

Up to 25lb dumbbells, baby (That’s a lot for me!)

It’s actually quite the calorie burner. It definitely gets my heart rate up while I’m nursing my injury.

25 down, 6 to go

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