MMM14: Day 23

Today’s post is a little different… I feel like I’ve said that a lot this month but, technically, it’s only the second time. Hmm…

I get several “offers” from my friends (and random strangers for that matter), almost on a daily basis, to sew something for them. I make it a strict rule to blatantly ignore their requests NOT to do so. Why? 1.) Because, the “service” industry is a b*tch. People go ‘Nam over their coffee at Starbucks if it’s not perfect; At my Job #1, people will throw punches over a 3 month old vacuum belt they paid $2 for… Simply put, in a retail/customer service setting people are completely unreasonable. I deal with it every single day, and my heart has hardened from it as a result. 2.) I suck at sewing. I’m not a real seamstress. I’m an accidental one. I’m not being modest by saying that… I really, truly suck. Hello! Did you see Day 19??? I don’t TRUST myself to make or alter something for a friend. If I mess it up… I’m out the time and money in supplies it took for me to “fix” it, which are both precious to me these days, AND I run the risk of confrontation with said friend. 3.) Payment… awkward. Sometimes they offer, sometimes they don’t and I’m sure as heck not gonna bring it up. It’s a constant battle in my mind whether to accept gratuity or not. I just can’t deal with it!!

It’s not worth the anguish to me.

If you ask me to sew for you I WILL say, “No.”

…unless you’re Joanne.


Joanne is the sweetest thing. She’s one of my assistant managers at Job #2 and we’ve become really good friends. She was really in a pinch… I rejected her the first, second, third, and fourth time she asked but then I got the “conviction” and caved in to her like the SAP that I am!

Her 8 year-old son needed his sports jacket (and trousers) shortened for a special event.


I had to do a little prep work:

There are always buttons in the way when you want to hem up a sleeve…

Then, you measure, mark, and pin and select your blindhem stitch on your machine

Hello, Blindhem stitch

Nolan is still growing, so I didn’t cut the excess material off the sleeve like I normally would. We want him to be able to wear this for another year or two, hopefully. So, the fabric was going to be a little bulky on his wrist…

Blasted lining!!

Linings suck! What can ya do??? …pin it and take off the accessory tray of your sewing machine to get access to the free arm.

Jem Platinum 760

This 11lbs “Mini” machine will be perfect for Nolan’s little arm sleeve! 🙂

Son of a Nutcracker!!!

Ugh! Blindhem is daunting enough as it is… now I have to do it without the free arm. Again, what can ya do? I’m just gonna have to deal with the bulk of the fabric and hope to God I don’t sew the entire sleeve together…


What’s going to happen is 3 straight stitches are going to sew on the black fabric and the very left tip of the zig zag is going to catch on the fold of the striped fabric. (Consult the pic of the blindhem stitch above for a visual reminder).


When you turn the fabric rightside out you should only see the sporatic stitch of the zig zag…

Or, not at all since it technically “caught” on the lining instead of garment itself…

You can’t see it at all, right? That’s what you want. Hence, “Blind” hem stitch 🙂 I did the same thing for Nolan’s pants. You can see the sporatic zig zag stitch a little better on these:

The less you see, the more “successful” the stitch

When everything is ironed out, that annoying crease from folding/sewing won’t be visible and you’ll have a flawless (hopefully) hem.  As Nolan’s limbs lengthen, Joanne can easily seam rip the zig zag stitch of the blindhem out. Since I didn’t cut the fabric, the original length of the sleeves (and trousers) will be in tact for him to wear for a few more years 🙂

Yes, I sewed this for my friend Joanne… but don’t get any ideas. I will NOT sew for you, so just get it out of your head! 🙂

23 down, 8 to go

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