MMM14: Day 22

For today’s numba, I didn’t even bother with a proper before pic!


With my work schedule, bad feet, the fact I’m running out of “May” clothes to refashion, and laziness in general I just didn’t bother today πŸ™‚

9 days… just 9 days left.

This annoyed me! There were 2 on the side too.

Good bye

I’ll save these for another project πŸ™‚

Then, I cut some length off of this. As is, it was a perfect fitting dress. I don’t really wear dresses :/ I LIKE dresses… I’ll wear them for special occasions but they’re not practical for my day-to-day lifestyle currently.


I made my markings (with a water soluble fabric pen) 5″ from the hem line and cut. I was going to finish the edge with a rolled hem but this fabric was AWFUL to sew!!! No matter what I did, the thread broke or the fabric would get stuck in the needle plate… that sucks because you have to take off the needle plate to get to the ball of thread underneath. Blah, blah, blah… it was a nightmare!

…that explains it.

Deb- Making cheap, poor quality, hoochy-fied garments for teeny boppers and middle aged women in denial since I don’t know when.

No offense πŸ˜€

Screw it, we’ll try the Serger!

MUCH better… Cripes!

A serger is the ONLY machine that’ll sew through whatever this material is made of. Yes, that’s white thread. Don’t you judge me.

After all that… the length was still too long, so I cut about 4 more inches off of it. This time, I didn’t finish the raw edge πŸ™‚

Shameless plug shot

I had no intention of making this a “No Sew” refashion… but it kind of morphed into one on its own

I match our new machine!

I love the look of this super satiny wannabe material… but I’m noticing in these pictures that it “hugs” every single curvature of my body. Yikes!


I think I know why Hubs likes this shirt so much now… geesh! πŸ˜‰

Just had to have my urban dumpster chic shot

22 down, 9 to go

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