MMM14: Day 21

Today’s piece made me feel like I should’ve been on the set of Mamma Mia! or something 🙂

It’s so… Greek 

I hummed out “Dancing Queen” and automatically thought of that one scene, not in Mamma Mia! itself, but in Modern Family


…I digress.

“Young and sweet. Only seventeen…”

I cleaned up ALL the raw edges with my Serger. This material was light and thin and I knew it’d probably fray more easily with just a straight stitch.

 How about that AWESOME embroidery on the neckline???

I cut notches in the armholes because I basically wanted the blue embroidery to BE my shoulder straps, if that makes sense.

notched, pinned, and ready to go under the needle.

Don’t forget the bottom hem.

You should know my favorite hem by now… 🙂


I may not be a dancing queen… but I still feel pretty great in my Grecian inspired tunic 😉


Love my new “shoulder straps” and neckline.


Just to be different 🙂

21 down, 10 to go

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