MMM14: Day 19

Today’s refash is from waaaaaay back. Remember this? Click on the link if you need a refresher.


This was actually a refashioned refashion I made from a 5X shirt I got on mega clearance at my former Job #2. If at first you don’t succeed, right?

Well, believe it or not, I STILL had scraps left over from the original shirt!


I loved this print SO much, I just had to make something else out of it 🙂 If you’ll recall… I struggled with this one. It was my second refashion of all time and things didn’t go very well, hence the reason I had to do it over. Not taking any chances the 3rd time around I invested in yet another pattern. Cue gasp


For someone who HATES patterns you’re probably thinking I use them a lot and am a total hypocrite. Well… I don’t know how to argue that because it’s seemingly true 🙂 But, I will say I mostly just use the patterns because I’m hopeful I will GROW to love them (and it never happens) and, secondly, I just use them to cut the right size shapes of my shirts and completely discard the actual directions.

That’s exactly what I did with this refashion: I cut my pattern pieces and assembled them MY way and completely ignored the instructions.


Had I READ the instructions I would’ve known it was for stretchy material and not blouse-y material like this. As such, the shirt ended up being too small 😦 So, I had to cut an extra panel of fabric and add it into the back of the shirt…

Also, I totally messed up the bias tape neckline… That, in combination with the extra panel of fabric in the back, TOTALLY messed up the “fit”.  It was all gape-y, so I had to completely improvise the back, and did so by adding a casing for elastic.


It’s not a total abomination, but it’s not super attractive either.

Bright sun makes me “creepy face” smile 🙂


The final product was okay… not my favorite. Third time is obviously NOT the charm for me 🙂


It was just a wee bit chilly, so I paired it with one of my favorite cardigans.

I’ve realized that when I sew, I just kind of have to wing it. I do better, creatively, when I just figure it out on my own. Patterns stifle me for some reason. They’re like cucumbers… I try and try and try to like them but I don’t. I keep thinking my taste buds will acquire the taste… but they never do. So, I’ll just have to accept that patterns aren’t my thing.

Nor are cucumbers 🙂

19 down, 12 to go

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