MMM14: Day 18

Today is a reprise of Day 10. Remember Day 10? …it seems like only yesterday


I cheated my Job #2 dress code by turning this into a No sew, paired with a shrug. Today, I simply chose to wear it as is.


I LOVE my new necklace! šŸ™‚ I got this at Carson’s on a Black dot sale. With tax and everything I paid $4.28 for it. Seriously, J’adore


When I cut the elastic band off of the bottom, that shortened this QUITE a bit. Quite. I wore a Navy tank underneath to counter that situation.


I could’ve taken it in… but I’m on an “oversized”/dolman shirt kick right now. Why mess with it?

I seriously love this shirt. I don’t know why! It’s kind of a mess and it’s definitely 80’s inspired…which is even more ironical because I hate the 80s (sans my birth, obviously). It’s a mystery.

Yah, for not one, but TWO no sews from a .50 cent garage sale find! šŸ™‚


18 down, 13 to go


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