MMM14: Day 17

I purchased this Men’s XL polo stretchy shirt thing because 1) it looked super warm & comfy and 2) I wanted to branch out a little bit. I’ve never done a refashion out of Men’s clothing.


I cut the shirt right under the armpits, Then, I had to take it in a wee bit.


Pin, mark, sew, cut…


Much better!

Right now, we just have a tube top… The fair isn’t until July, so I really don’t need a tube top right now. (That’s a joke… and a bit of a ‘dig’ at fair goers).



I’m only going to use one of these sleeves to make a V neck.

I evened out one sleeve, then cut it down the middle


After I sewed each strip on the one edge, I turned the tube inside out and pinned them to my garment

Is it making sense yet?

Sew the straps down in the front side and then the back. Of course, you’ll sew them on the inside, not the outside as seen on Minnie 🙂 I also sewed down the entire raw edge of the main piece with an easy hem, before I sewed down the straps.


And now I have a slightly classier tube top 😉


I wore this to work and paired it with a dress code/work appropriate sweater


Yes, that’s my bedroom. I didn’t get a chance to bother someone to take my after pic… so I had to do it myself after work. On the upside, I figured out how to use my camera timer 🙂


My next investment will be a tripod 🙂

17 down, 14 to go.

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