MMM14: Day 16

Today’s piece started off looking a lil something like this


I really liked this cropped jacket. It fit pretty well and I was diggin’ the sleeves… But, I’m kinda weird about camo. Camo is a badge of honor. I don’t think people who aren’t in the service, or involved in it through loved ones, should be wearing it. I kinda feel it’s a little disrespectful. They’ve earned their camo… and I’m just gonna wear this camo jacket as a fashion statement??? I dunno. It just doesn’t seem right.  Anyhoo, that’s how I feel about it.

Maybe if I darken it up a bit I won’t feel like such a jerk.


I’ll also cut off a wee bit of length on those sleeves.


I was really hoping the dye would cover the camo completely… but it didn’t.


I’m laughing…

Hmm… camo is still visible

It’s definitely toned down, that’s for sure. And, it is a good looking jacket I scored for .99 cents.

Recognize my shirt from Day 4?

I definitely support our troops! I hope they don’t take offense to civilians wearing camo.

16 down, 15 to go

4 thoughts on “MMM14: Day 16

  1. That looks adorable on you!
    I never thought about wearing camo that way. I’ve purchase camo pants for my boys before and never really thought of it that way. Hopefully no offense was taken. :/

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