MMM14: Day 15

Day 15 brings us to this:


I got this size L tshirt at a garage sale last summer for the color. I like peach/salmon/coral, what have you colors. It’s a little big…but not so big that I’d have enough material to make it a long sleeved T. So, I decided to do a little color block action with one of my Nanny’s T’s I took from her estate.


Minus the black, I think the white, tan, and coral will be lovely together.

That had to go

I cut the front and back (and took off the sleeves) panels of fabric from both shirts and did a bit of “re-construction.”


Pin and sew…


My Nanny’s shirt is a M and the curves shirt is L… so I ended up trimming the curves shirt to match the smaller size.

Like sew 😉

Now begins the RE-construction where I sew the sides and shoulders back together.


Not bad, but something’s missing on that neckline. “Raw” edges are just stupid and unprofessional and a big no-no, in general. Gotta fix it

I’m just going to “borrow” you for a minute…
This is your new home, coral neckline…

Now that that’s taken care of, there’s that pesky sleeveless situation… I didn’t have enough material leftover in the coral material to make long sleeves and, believe me, I tried! I was just gonna have to use the scraps of Nanny’s shirt to make the sleeves

Goodbye, pocket

This pocket was my favorite part of the shirt! It’s the reason I stole it from my Nanny’s closet before the rest of her items were donated… I’ll hang onto it for another refashion 🙂

I wanted to do some elbow patches on the sleeves but that, uh, didn’t turn out…



I guess this’ll have to do

It’s still a cute shirt, Laura. Let’s have a smile.


I’m at my pal Vicky’s house for a much overdue Girls’ Night. Can you tell we’re movie/theater geeks? 🙂 Our “kick” du jour is “2 broke girls”… how befitting 🙂 And where else do 2 broke girls go for dinner? Wendy’s

Chili in mid-May… it ain’t right!
A hoodie to boot! #IndianaProblems

I think my next “elective” surgery will be a nose job….

Vicky’s a fan of the candids


15 down, 16 to go

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