MMM14: Day 13

Lucky 13. We’re almost halfway there in Me-Made-May’14 🙂


This lovely yellow frock is a purchase I made several years ago. Several. In fact, this picture was taken on my birthday in 2010. Tim (AKA “Hubs”) and I had just started dating 🙂 …I had also just had my surgery and I was under orders to wear “blouse-y” garments and undergarments to help my incisions heal. Though you can’t really tell from this pic, it’s quite loose.

Also, there are no sleeves on this… Don’t ask me why I’m wearing it on a date. I can’t answer that. Maybe since I was tan I felt more comfortable with my flabby arms? I don’t know.

In my closet it has sat for years and years. I finally decided to make the alterations to it I needed. I am most definitely safely “post op” at this point in time, so I’m sure my surgeon will approve of me tightening things up a bit 🙂

Straight stitch along the sides to tighten up the “bodice” 😉
This was all one big gaping hole at first… not attractive.

Simple alteration… but very effective 🙂


I rather like it. I covered my arms this time. I’m hoping Dr. Bergman can fix my arms; my birthday present to myself this year… but, more than likely, it’ll be next year. Oh well. Here’s hoping!

I’m not upset… it’s bright outside 🙂

I indulged in one of my favorite vices at lunch and ran into my pals at the S-bux

They’re awesome 🙂
Oprah’s photo-bombing our blurry picture!


13 down, 18 to go!

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