MMM14: Day 8

I picked this up at Goodwill for .99 cents because it actually fit into Job #2’s redonkulously boring dress code. Secondly, It was freezing outside… and I was bitter… and cold… and needed a sweater. You get the idea.


Blurry…but you get the idea. This is another one of those “twofer” garments I despise. So, I cut out the fake tank top underneath it.


I was hoping that would be all I’d have to do to this thing, but it was a little big so I took it in 2 inches on each side

pin at the 2″ mark…



A simple straight stitch did the trick. I used our Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 because it’s a tank. And I needed a tank to go through this THICK sweater. It doesn’t look it, but it is crazy heavy. This machine went through it like butter.

The sleeves were still too long so I cut 4 inches from them


I didn’t bother to “finish” the hem. I left it as is.


Why in the world, Laura, do you wear those sketchers in every single picture? you’re wondering. That, my friends is due to my raging Plantar Fasciitis. AKA: “retail feet.” Working 12 hour days several days a week for the past 2 years has KILLED my body in ways I really didn’t expect. My feet have taken the worst of it.

I seriously can’t bare any weight at all on them sometimes… so I went on an “Aleve regimen,” stopped working out, and Hubs bought me these shoes as a means to alleviate and, I hope, get rid of it all together! It’s been 2 full weeks now and I am ANXIOUS to get back to working out. And, I’m gonna have to baby the feet with these awesome shoes for a little while longer. They may not be the most fashion forward shoes (at least with certain outfits) but MAN are they comfortable! It’s like walking on pillows! 🙂


Of course, I would pick the first day of the entire year it decided to be 80 degrees to wear the heaviest sweater in my closet 🙂 I am SO not complaining, though. It is GORGEOUS weather, finally 🙂 *Knock on wood


8 down, 23 to go

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