MMM14: Day 7

Day 7 of Me-Made-May’14, or, as the hicks natives in Indiana would say, “Sevumb”

We have a delightful 70s inspired, hand made shirt.


…I can’t imagine why the original owner wanted to part with this. It was really well put together, the print is EPIC, and it’s just a fun shirt. I wanted to leave it as is, actually.

I guess it could use a little updating 😉 so I started with a few amputations:

Goodbye, cuffs and collar

I also made a cut right up the middle of the shirt. This is going to be a shrug of some sort but shrugs are a dime a dozen so I decided to spice it up with a “high-low” hem thingy.

Say, what?

I also made a cut up the middle of each sleeve, which I didn’t seem to take a picture of…

Gotta finish up all those raw edges

The end result is a hippie chic (I hope), out-of-the-box shrug

What do YOU think?

Better view of the sleeves



When I put this on this morning, I looked at Hubs and said, “Does this look stupid?” Hubs will ALWAYS tell me the truth about my clothes/appearance. Always.  I LOVE that about him 🙂 Now, that I’ve landed my hottie hubby I wanna KEEP him, so I listen to what he says.

His response, “It doesn’t look stupid… I just don’t like it.” I seriously love him! 🙂

…and yet I still wore it so I guess I don’t listen to him 🙂


7 down, 24 to go

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