MMM14: Day 6

For day 6 we have a No Sew.


I LOVED the old but modern vibe of this. And, the print is just amazeballs! I love everything about this shirt…. except those ruffles in the front.





Also, did you see the print? I wasn’t lying. It’s awesomesauce.

I’ve been in a lazy mood… not good when you’ve told the “world” you’re doing one refashion every single day for May, right? Hmm. Oops.

As such, I didn’t seam rip them out like a real seamstress… I cut them off the shirt.

Buh bye

And, that’s how lazy Accidental Seamstresses do No Sews 😉


Sorry, I don’t have more after pics… did I mention I’m in a lazy mood???

P.S. How about those red trousers? I’m sort of regretting that gift card purchase. I love the idea of them… not so sure I dig them on me. Not sure I pull them off. Oh well. It’s nice to not wear jeans once in a while, right? 🙂

6 down, 25 to go

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